In order to avoid any misunderstandings with regards to our work, we have several policies which we strictly adhere to:

- We will do our very best in repairing and polishing aluminum and stainless steel parts. Understand that parts which are too wavy, thin, and/or pitted before work is started will be done to the best of our ability.

- We will do our best in plating parts which have bad castings, but understand that parts which have rough castings and parts which were previously corroded and "cancerous" may have pits upon completion.

- To insure optimal results, all parts should be disassembled by the customer before any work is to be done.

- All brackets, nuts, bolts, studs, springs, etc. which do not require plating, must be removed by the customer before we start the work. We are not responsible for the loss of aforementioned parts which were not removed by the customer beforehand.

- Plating is for cosmetic purposes. Any parts which contain "movable parts" such as springs, locking mechanisms, etc. must be removed before polishing and/or plating. We are not responsible for parts which do not function properly upon completion. The customer may ask to have such parts plated and/or polished at his/her own risk.

- All bearings must be removed prior to stripping, bead-blasting, polishing, and/or plating. Customer will be solely responsible to replace any bearings which do not function properly upon completion of any work done by us.

- On the rare occasion which we do plate rims, we will do our very best to plate them; however, there is absolutely no guarantee of any rims and the customer must accept the rims "as-is."

- Plating does not cover pits due to bad castings, flawed and/or bad material, nor welded areas. In many cases we can fill many pits by extra soldering and/or extra copper plating to do the best possible job, and this will be done at the expense of the customer upon request.

- With regards to pot metal (die-cast), aluminun, and brass parts, we will do our very best to acheive the finest results; however, the customer must understand that there are limitations to this and many parts will inevitibly have occasional pitting due to bad material.

- While we do specialize in motorcycle parts, we will do our very best in plating "inner primary" covers. The inner primary is a part, which usually involves much attention to and often requires many coats of copper and much hand-sanding to cover as many pits as possible due to bad castings. At the customers request and expense, we can add additional coats of copper, but all inner primaries which are plated are not guaranteed and we will not be responsible for problems after completion of plating due to fit, leakage, etc.

- We do not plate any used pipes, headers, tubes, etc., which cannot be effectively cleaned, period! Plating of such parts will contaminate our tanks and cause serious problems in plating.

- There are no guarantees of plating any unused pipes, headers, etc. from "blueing," peeling, etc. period!

- Upon pick-up, customers are advised to check each and every part to insure that he/she receives their own part. After pick-up, we will not be responsible for any supposedly missing and/or different part(s). The customer will then be solely responsible for replacing such missing and/or different items.

- Any parts which are have a "double-wall" where acids could seep inside the double-wall and become trapped inside will, over time, inevitably corrode from inside-out. We will advise against plating such parts, but be advised if we plate such parts, there is absolutely no guarantee on such parts whatsoever.

- Any recessed or "deep areas" will invariably have occasional nickel shadow; and in the case of steel parts, the deeper areas of any such part may often times have a quick tendency to rust. Understand that this is unavoidable due to the fact that electro-plating cannot cover such recessed areas, therefore this is a common result. We do not guarantee that the plating will cover such recessed areas and certain parts will inevitably have this "nickel shadow" and in some cases, there will be some visible rust.

- Please understand that we are the best in our business and are completely dedicated to serving you in the best way possible. So to insure your own satisfaction and understanding, please respect all of our policies!


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